Welcome To One Logic

Onelogic is a client-support company providing supplier-loading and related services to users of the Travelogic™ Tour Operator Software System.

The Onelogic team is made up of a group of professional consultants with industry related experience. Working remotely, off a direct link to your Travelogic™ database, the consultant is able to capture all your supplier information and prepare your database for use by you and your team as soon as the training process is complete.

Using the supplier information provided, we are able to load a description, pictures, contact details, services, room descriptions, rate periods and rates. We are also able to attach the original document to the supplier for your reference.

Onelogic work closely with the Travelogic™ team, and ensure that the transition from your existing system to the Travelogic™ Software System is smooth and efficient. Our goal is to provide you with an accurate and professional service, and to assist you in getting up and running and using the Travelogic™ Software System within the shortest possible time.

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